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Kid Time is a small, private preschool that is not only a safe place for our parents to leave their children while they go to work, but is also a Community for their families and alumni as well.  Kid Time has been providing quality childcare in the Walnut Creek area since 1984.

Our Groups

Pizza Pups: Ages 2-3

Pizza Pups are our twos and young threes. Their day is comprised of lots of singing, hands on activities, and learning how to interact with others, both children and teachers! They are our youngest group, and much of their time here is spent figuring out how to be a part of a group, use their words, and transitioning from parallel play to playing with others.

Since for many this is their first foray away from mom and dad or in preschool, we spend a lot of time balancing between nurturing and showing firm boundaries to make them feel safe in a new environment.

Lunch Box Kids: Ages 3-4​

Lunch Box Kids are our threes and young fours. At this age the children are learning social skills, and a large part of their time is spent negotiating during play, learning problem solving, working together, taking turns and sharing, when appropriate. The teachers spend a lot of time on one knee with this class, working out social issues with one another and assisting in the process of problem solving!

While there is some focus on “academic” learning, it's all done in a developmentally appropriate way, and the children are given as much choice as possible in how to spend their day.​

Ruff Dogs: Ages 4-5

The Ruff Dogs are our fours and young fives, or pre-Kindergarteners. There is a lot more structure in their day than in the two younger groups; much focus is given to Kindergarten Readiness, while at the same time making sure that the children are enjoying their time at school. One of our core values is to meet the needs of each individual child, and much effort is made to meet each Ruff Dog where THEY are to be sure that they are getting as much as possible from the program.

Our children leave for Kindergarten very well prepared, and more importantly, ready and excited to learn!

Giant Pork Chops: Kindergarten After Care​

As you know we have a Kindergarten group that joins us in the afternoon lead by Miss Michelle and they needed a name! We had some tough deliberations and lots of silly names thrown out. We narrowed it down to two names to vote on "The Giants" and "Pork Chops". With a vote of 7-1 "The Giants" won, but we did not want to be mistaken for the team The Giants. After some compromising and combining of names from Miss Michelle, with a 6-3 vote your 2017 first year Kindergartener After Care class is.... THE GIANT PORK CHOPS!!!

A Day in the Life at Kid Time

Our Kid Time, Inc. Staff

Kid Time prides itself on its teachers.

​Our staff consists of caring individuals who enjoy their jobs and at the same time bring a level of professionalism with them. Kid Time strives for low turnover and fosters relationships with long time teachers who help out as needed; we never call in strangers as substitutes. Both Kid Time's Owner and Director work with the children daily, keeping them in touch with the day to day activities and schedules which helps keep the quality level high.

Like learning, we believe staff training is an ongoing process. Staff meetings, training sessions, conferences and classes are offered to keep the teachers learning and growing throughout their employment at Kid Time.

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Current Kid Time, Inc. Families

Hello there and welcome to Kid Time! Now that you're here, you can stay up-to-date with all the activities at school, as well as all upcoming events and holidays!

Class Calendars
Tan Bark Times
Current Food Menu
Fall at KT is the tail end of waterplay, more leaf piles and layers and pumpkins and Halloween.  Please send children in layers and stock cubbies with labeled clothing!
OUr Halloween Social Distance Trick or Treat day is 10/31, check email for details and please RSVP!  Please only come during your scheduled time to mot mix the groups. Thank you!
A friendly reminder from Leah
for Kid Time, Inc. parents!
2020-2021 Events:

10/31/20 - Halloween Distanced Trick or Treat

11/20/20 - Thanksgiving Feast 11:30-1:30

TBA - Mustard Patch Field Trip - 9am-12:30pm


TBA - Cinco de Mayo Fiesta - 6:30pm

TBA - Ruff Dog Mother’s Day Tea - 10:30am-11:30am

TBA - Ruff Dog Field Trip - 9am-5pm

TBA - Ruff Dog Daddy Donuts - 10:30am-11:30am

TBA - Pizza Pup/Lunchee Party Day - 10am-12:30pm

TBA - Ruff Dog Graduation - 6:30pm


July 25- July 27 - Kid Time Campout! - 3 day weekend

2020-2021 Closures:

9/7/20 - Labor Day
11/26/20-11/27/20 - Thanksgiving (Th, F)

12/24/20-12/28/20 - Christmas (Th,F,M)
12/31/20-1/1/21 - New Years Eve/Day
1/18/21 - MLKJ Day
2/15/21 - Presidents Day

5/31/21 - Memorial Day

7/5/21 - Independence Day

8/5- 8/6 & 8/9-8/11 School Closure

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