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Community-Focused Program

Fostering a strong sense of community for our families

by holding events that bring us closer together.

Back to School Potluck

We have a potluck at the beginning of each school year to help foster our community and give our families the chance to meet for the first time. It's great for people to have the chance to meet their children's friends, and their parents as well. We believe that "it takes a village" and knowing that other parents go through the same struggles and celebrations makes for a supported and warm atmosphere!


Each Spring we take the children to the "Mustard Patch", a space on the bike trail where we picnic, have wagon races, catch bugs, and play in nature. Parents are welcome on field trips and it's another chance for you as a parent to interact with the school. The Ruff Dogs also take a field trip in June to the San Francisco Zoo; we take BART and Muni, so the trip is also a lesson in transportation! Other trips are local; we often will take walks around the block, a local bus loop during transportation week, or a monthly walk to the retirement home to visit with our friends and learn about caring for others.

Annual Kid Time Camp-Out

Each summer we offer a camping trip for families who'd like to camp together.  It's a great opportunity to spend a weekend with other families, and help each other through what often is the children's first campout! What better way to get to know other families than around the campfire, at the beach during the day, or at a late night card game by the fire! Alumni are welcome too, and seeing the "big kids" lead the little ones around is always fun.

Cinco de Mayo Party


This event is the one the teachers most look forward to, because we invite our current families as well as alumni! Live mariachis visit the school and give the kids a chance to see live music up close, and everyone brings their favorite Mexican food to share. Long before Facebook kept everyone in touch easily, our Cinco de Mayo party was the gathering that helped us stay connected to families for years. Mr. Steve has been invited to weddings, and Miss Leah's first class is out of college now. Such fun to see how our little ones grow up!

Thanksgiving Feast


This week-long preparation gets the kids directly involved in the process of making a Thanksgiving Feast that everyone can enjoy! In the days leading up to the feast, your kids will have the opportunity to learn everything from safely slicing up veggies for stuffing to working together as a team to create a meal for everyone who wishes to join us come Feast Day.

It's truly a favorite celebration, as we all come together, and everyone cooks from two year olds on up.  Our feast is one place that you're always welcome, you can always have seconds and you don't have to worry about not belonging.  The pride on the children's faces as you try their food is priceless.

Holiday Party


Skip the long lines at the mall; Santa visits us every year at our Holiday Dessert Potluck! All we need to do is sing for him! We also are lucky in that Santa never forgets to bring his special book where he's noted down a special memory to remind each and every kid from Kid Time... After all, Santa is a magic!

(And if that wasn't enough, every year following the holiday season, without warning, a forest suddenly appears in our play yard for the kids to explore!)

Kid Time Alumni


Are you feeling nostalgic about when your kids were still learning the ropes of pre school? Are your kids feeling nostalgic for the pre school they have fond memories of all those years ago? Then stop on by and say hello! We're always glad to see our friends and families return for a visit. You just may be surprised by what your kids remember from their time with us. Become part of the ever-growing community of families that make up the Kid Time Alumni!

Parents and preschool must both invest in a relationship - otherwise preschool becomes a "kid parking lot."

Important Dates

Next school closure date, May 27th


Kid Time, Inc. - 200 Mayhew Way, Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | 925.930.6550

KT Aftercare - 1942 Linda Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 | (925) 503-6320

KT South - 2491 San Miguel Drive, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 | 925.287.6713

KT Junior - 2551 Pleasant Hill Road, Pleasant Hill CA 94523 | 925.378.0180

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