About Kid Time Junior

Kid Time Junior is a small, private Infant and Toddler Center (formerly Where the Wild Things Play), located in Pleasant Hill. Kid Time has been providing quality childcare in the Walnut Creek area since 1984.
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Our Groups

Ages: 0 - 18 months

Our Infant Room was lovingly remodeled by the previous owners, and the care shows.  It's a cozy room with easy to clean flooring and a great space for crawlers and early walkers alike.  We have cribs and cots for napping, and provide sheets for your convenience.  Our infant staff are warm, nurturing and loving.  They understand that they are the surrogate adult and are here to provide cuddles, comfort and age appropriate stimulation.  Daily updates are uploaded to an app for parents to stay in the loop on their little one's routines.  Full time care is provided for our working parents.  We know it's not easy to leave your baby every day, but we've got your back while you are working.

Ages: 18 months - 3 years

The Toddler/Early Preschool room is a lovely open space with plenty of activities to stimulate little brains and their development.  Small class sizes and low ratios allow the teachers to really connect with the children and to learn their patterns.  This in turn helps us to meet their needs.  Our toddlers are engaging in a lot of parallel play, and have varying speech levels, so we are all about letting them practice their words, and helping those who need more words as well.

Meals are included, prepared daily by our staff.  We are currently only enrolling for five days a week, as most of our families are working and this provides a consistent schedule for the children.

Our Kid Time Junior Staff

Kid Time prides itself on its teachers.

​Our staff consists of caring individuals who enjoy their jobs and at the same time bring a level of professionalism with them. Kid Time strives for low turnover and fosters relationships with long time teachers who help out as needed; we never call in strangers as substitutes. Both Kid Time's Owner and Multi Site Coordinator are longtime teachers, and they are intent on working with staff and  the children daily, keeping them in touch with the day today activities and schedules which helps keep the quality level high.  Hands on also applies to administration at Kid Time!

Like learning, we believe staff training is an ongoing process. Staff meetings, training sessions, conferences and classes are offered to keep the teachers learning and growing throughout their employment at Kid Time.

Current Kid Time Junior Families

Hello there and welcome to Kid Time! Now that you're here, you can stay up-to-date with all the activities at school, as well as all upcoming events and holidays!

Sample Food Menu

Fun Holiday Festivities are coming!

We will be having our Holiday Party on Dec 17th, and Pajama Day with Hot Cocoa on December 23rd! 

We wish you all warm and happy holidays with your families.

2021-2022 Closures:

8/5/21-8/11/21 - School Closure
9/6/21 - Labor Day

10/8 - closed for Anti-racism training
11/25/21-11/26/21 - Thanksgiving (Th, F)

12/24/21-12/31/21 - Holidays, New Years
1/17/22 - MLKJ Day
2/21/22 - Presidents Day

5/30/22 - Memorial Day

6/20/22- Juneteenth

7/4/22 - Independence Day

8/4/22-8/10/22 - School Closure

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Please check your School's page for closure dates for the entire school year, including the Holiday Season!  We strive to be here for our families, but when we do close you will have the whole year's notice!

Kid Time, Inc. - 200 Mayhew Way, Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | 925.930.6550

KT Aftercare - 1942 Linda Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 | (coming soon!)

KT South - 2491 San Miguel Drive, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 | 925.287.6713

KT Junior - 2551 Pleasant Hill Road, Pleasant Hill CA 94523 | 925.378.0180