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​A Day in the Life

I'm three and a half years old, and I am a Lunch Box Kid and I like Kid Time a lot! I come to school every day while my mom and dad go to work. I get to school at 8:15, have breakfast with my friends, and then get to go play outside and do my favorite thing: riding bikes super fast!

After that I come inside with my teachers for circle time. I love circle time because I get to sing really loud, but when it's snack time, I always raise a quiet hand when I need more... it took me a while to figure that out!

The next thing we do is art, which I always do if it's messy... and it usually is! Feeling the paint squish between my fingers is sooo fun! I especially like when we do feet painting and I get paint between my toes! Then my teachers read us some more stories while we get ready for lunch, which is good, because I usually get pretty hungry around then. I hope it's spaghetti, that's my favorite!

I'm a still napper, so after lunch and playtime I start to get tired. Hopefully one day I'll be a non-napper and get to stay up with the big kids! In the afternoon we get to do more art and read stories and I get to decide how long I want to do it. Sometimes I want to do art for only a short time, like a minute, and sometimes for a really long time, like all day! I like it that the teachers let me choose how long I can play and make art and do things that I like here at Kid Time. And even though I don't always get to do what I want... it's still okay because there's a lot of other things to do and kids to play with!

Usually when mommy comes to pick me up, I don't want to leave because I like playing with all my friends, but I like it when she says stuff like, "we're leaving in 5 minutes," so I can finish what I'm doing really fast! And I know that sometimes I'll cry and get upset, but it's okay... I need grown-ups to help me with lots of things and I know my teachers will always be there to help me through it...

After all, I am three and a half years old!

Important Dates

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