Child-Centered Philosophy

Respecting where each child is in their development.​

Kid Time makes decisions based on the individual needs of each child rather than the convenience of the adults involved. In addition to having developmentally appropriate curriculum all the way from 2 years old to 6, our Pre-K offers kindergarten readiness in all areas: Social-Emotional, Physical, and Academic. Our three classes are broken up based on developmental readiness, rather than calendar age.

Here are some examples of what our Child-Centered Philosophy looks like:


  • We do not have scheduled "potty times", when a child has to go, they are taken individually. 
  • Not all children are required to nap; we have a "non-nap" group for those who have grown out of their naps to do quiet activities.  
  • We encourage healthy eating but we do not say they have to "clean their plate". 
  • Teachers encourage and teach problem solving at every level, and help the children to work out conflicts individually.
  • The children go outside in cold, hot and sometimes sprinkling rain! Their need to run and move does not go away with weather changes, so we bundle up and take them out when they need it!
  • We believe in developmentally appropriate curriculum, and do not expect long periods of sitting or quiet.

"Sitting still and being quiet is not a marketable job skill."

Kid Time South is now Enrolling!  Check out our page below and add to the Interest List!  Spaces for 2-6 year olds available!

For any questions, email Leah Rosenthal-Kambic or call 925.287.6713

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