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Listen, Linda

This week we are shopping, ordering, lease signing, prepping and organizing to move into our new Aftercare space. We couldn't be happier to find our own space, and while we always would like all the time in the world to set things up, we know we work well under pressure and will get it done! I was reflecting earlier today about our move to Mayhew Way. The build and permits took close to two years, but the move in was over ONE weekend. Presidents Day.

The move to Mayhew was also strangely not stressful. The two years prior, sure...but the move in was the easy part. We have a vision and get to make it a reality. And shopping! Lots of fun shopping. Today I bought whole rainbows of paint and it was quite fun. I look forward to sending your Kindergardeners and Distant Learners home with it all over them! ;)

Today was also big because we made some final decisions about summer rates for camp, including a price structure for continuing folks. We want to thank you, especially Kindergarten parents who pulled out of their schools and trusted us with a brand new program.

Aftercare this year has been a huge challenge. It was two brand new programs in one. Next year, if the kids are back in school, sounds so simple and easy now. No Distance Learning, no Zooms, no coordinating, keeping kids quiet and still (which is NOT a value of KT!) I'm proud of our Distance Learning staff for doing something most parents admit is WAY harder than their actual job in keeping everyone on track. I'm proud of the Kinder teachers who rose to the occasion and helped create a very Kid Time atmosphere. Mr. Charlie has been a wonderful leader and supporter to his staff and parents and kept everything running as smoothly as possible despite many, many challenges. Lastly, Miss Jessica has kept an eye on everything and her finger on the pulse of what we need to work on and improve.

Y'all, we are going to have a great Aftercare at Linda Drive. I can't wait, and I guess I don't have to very long!

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