Our Leadership

Leah Rosenthal-Kambic started at Kid Time in 1998 as a teacher's aide. She took on the role of Director in 2001 and later became part owner in 2012. As of January 2018, she officially became the owner of Kid Time, Inc.


Her love is working with children, staff and parents. Nothing makes her happier than to problem solve with adults to make things smoother and easier with the children! She obtained a BA from UC Berkeley in 2005 in Social Welfare, and brings what she learned into this "helping" profession. She brings a positive attitude and a hardworking ethic to Kid Time daily, and enjoys providing support for her staff on a daily basis. Her goal is to make Kid Time as consistent and harmonious as possible and to keep the stress levels low for the hardworking teachers! Leah is a hands-on director and works with the children every day, often changing diapers and reading stories right along with the teachers. In her tenure at Kid Time she has done every individual job at the school, which gives her the perspective to understand the staff and to meet their needs.

She met Justin, her future husband in 1996 in 2011 she had her first baby, Griffin. Leah was thrilled to be able to introduce her son to her school and counts herself lucky to have been there day in and day out watching him grow and to be a part of the Kid Time Community in a whole new way. She looks forward to the future and watching her "second baby", Kid Time continue to grow and thrive. 

Our Roots

None of this would be here without Steve Wilson! "Mr. Steve" was the original Owner of Kid Time since he opened the school back in 1984. He earned a BA in Psychology from UCSB and began working with school aged children. After running a YMCA program, he decided to try his hand at running his own. His varied interests and practical way of looking at life make him a very fun and eclectic teacher. He's a talented magician and delights the children regularly with his magic shows in the back yard. His skill at all things building related brought woodworking into the program; the children have opportunities to cut, hammer, saw and sand with safety glasses and all! Most importantly, his practical and logical way of looking at discipline was the foundation for our style of discipline and our basic philosophy of logical consequences and positive reinforcement. Showing and not telling is a direct result of Mr. Steve and the way he views the world! He has been and continues to be, an incredible mentor, teacher and friend to the school. We, here at Kid Time are forever thankful and lucky to have had such solid roots to grow from.

His family is the other great love of his life, and his three children Maddie, Riley and Macy, (now well on their way to young adult-hood,) all attended Kid Time during their preschool years.

Please check your School's page for closure dates for the entire school year, including the Holiday Season!  We strive to be here for our families, but when we do close you will have the whole year's notice!

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