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Our Leadership

Leah Rosenthal-Kambic started at Kid Time in 1998 as a teacher's aide. She took on the role of Director in 2001 and later became part owner in 2012. As of January 2018, she officially became the owner of Kid Time, Inc.


Her love is working with children, staff and parents. Nothing makes her happier than to problem solve with adults to make things smoother and easier with the children! She obtained a BA from UC Berkeley in 2005 in Social Welfare, and brings what she learned into this "helping" profession. She brings a positive attitude and a hardworking ethic to Kid Time daily, and enjoys providing support for her staff on a daily basis. Her goal is to make Kid Time as consistent and harmonious as possible and to keep the stress levels low for the hardworking teachers! Leah is a hands-on owner and works with the children regularly, often changing diapers and reading stories right along with the teachers. In her tenure at Kid Time she has done every individual job at the school, which gives her the perspective to understand the staff and to meet their needs.

She met Justin, her future husband in 1996 and  in 2011 she had her first baby, Griffin. Leah was thrilled to be able to introduce her son to her school and counts herself lucky to have been there day in and day out watching him grow and to be a part of the Kid Time Community in a whole new way. She looks forward to the future and watching her "second baby", Kid Time continue to grow and thrive. 


Miss Jessica started with Kid Time when her youngest of three kids was in first grade and he is now in his 30's, so that should tell you she has been around the Kid Time block!  She has done every job at school from aide to cook to teacher, and she is best known for being our Pre-K maven and creating our entire Ruff dog curriculum from scratch.  Her title these days is Multi-Site Coordinator, and she goes from site to site to hep ensure consistency, the philosophy is being met everywhere, and that all new Kid Time teachers receive proper training to uphold our Kid Time standards.  She is everyone's mom, everyone's "Mia" (don't call her grandma even though she has six grandchildren!) and is a huge source of support to all who work with and around her. She is also the co-owner of Kid Time...while we were expanding way back in 2012, she helped keep us afloat by investing some of her retirement in Kid Time, making her an owner.  This lady is amazing and we are so lucky to have her!

Kirsti .JPG

Miss Kirsti is known to all as our Unicorn, the lady who knows what you need before  you need it, and everyone's biggest cheerleader.  Kirsti has been with us since 2006 when she started out as a teacher's aide.  Her first day of work was eventful; she had to assist Mr Steve in washing a child in the sink after a major blowout diaper!  The fact that she came back the next day speaks volumes of her character!

Kirsti is married to a wonderful man who is a teacher at College Park, and has a son in Middle School.  What many don't know about Kirsti is that she grew up performing, both dance and singing and she has a BEAUTIFUL singing voice!  When she's not at work you will find her seeing musicals and shows, hanging out with her family and practicing her singing.  Kirsti is also a warrior mom, as her son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 6 years old.  If you ever have questions about Diabetes not only is she an expert but her son has his own instructional Youtube channel teaching other kids how to administer insulin!  She truly is a gem and we are so lucky she found us!

Important Dates

All Sites Closed Dec 25-Jan 1


Kid Time, Inc. - 200 Mayhew Way, Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | 925.930.6550

KT Aftercare - 1942 Linda Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 | (925) 503-6320

KT South - 2491 San Miguel Drive, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 | 925.287.6713

KT Junior - 2551 Pleasant Hill Road, Pleasant Hill CA 94523 | 925.378.0180

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